Rodrigo Parra

Software Developer, Data Scientist and Writing Aficionado


Sugar Listens: an integration layer between Pocketsphinx and the Sugar learning platform. Developed as a project for GSOC 2014. Source & Demo. CKAN-based open data portal for the national government of Paraguay. Source & Site. open data portal for the National Public Contracting Directorate of Paraguay. Worked on developing a REST API for contracting data and several interactive data visualizations with D3. open data portal for the Ministry of Education and Culture of Paraguay. Source & Site.

Mapa de Viviendas a Leaflet-based map visualization of social housing projects by SENAVITAT. Site.

Ñamopora Ñanderape a D3-based interactive visualization to monitor the execution of Ñamopora Ñanderape, a project implemented by the Ministry of Public Works and Communications from Paraguay (MOPC) and partially funded by the World Bank. Site.